What we do, we do best: Clinical Research and Development in dermatological diseases

Blueskin is a niche CRO in clinical development within dermatological diseases. We are an integrated part of the Sanos Group, which allows us to offer full circle CRO services to pharma and biotech companies within dermatological research in all clinical phases. Our services consist of a core clinical operational team that handles all aspects of the clinical study within study feasibility, protocol design, patient recruitment, study management, regulatory affairs, risk-based monitoring, pharmacovigilance, IMP logistics, data management, statistical analysis, and reporting.

Our science team is dedicated to conduct research in skin diseases as a commitment to driving the science progress in the dermatological space. We are a science-driven company and engage actively in any phase of drug development; scientifically, operationally, and financially. Each year, we publish several articles in well-respected peer-reviewed journals.

Studies&Me is the virtual part of the Sanos Group that develops technological solutions for improving the efficiency of clinical trial conduct in dermatological studies. We are experts in recruiting patients using central clinics to perform remote assessments before referral to clinical site which result in a low screen failure rate. Further, we are constantly driving new technological initiatives to be able to perform studies decentralized.